This wing mainly deals with official statistics of the State by collecting, processing and analyzing various official statistics pertaining to different sectors of the economy to provide statistical materials and to build up data base needed for policy making, plan formulation, implementation and monitoring by the State Government. This wing is at present manned by a Deputy Director with other necessary officers and subordinate statistical staff. 

At the same time, this wing has been maintaining liaison with statistical cell in different department of the State Government and also with Directorate of Economics and Statistics of all other states in the country.

General Statistical Wing also organizes census and special survey at the State level from time to time as and when necessary with a views to fill up data gaps. It is now associated with regular surveys and census such as :

a.       Employees Census

b.      Industrial Survey

c.       Farm Harvest Price Survey

d.      Building & Construction Survey 

To develop better and easy access to data and evolve a better informed society this wing has also been continuously striving to disseminate various socio-economic data by bringing out publication from time to time and also creating website. As desired by the Central Government, the wing is also looking forward to bringing out E-Publication in the near future.

Publication brought out and held by this wing are as follow :

            Name of Publication                                       Frequency 

1.         Statistical Handbook                 -           Started since 1974 and continued publishing on alternate year basis. Latest 2006

2.         Employees Census                    -           Since 1998 continued as annual publication upto 2005

3.         Rainfall Statistics                        -           Adhoc latest 2006

4.         Block Statistics                            -           Adhoc latest 2005

5.         Hospital Statistics                       -           Latest 2003

6.         Employment exchange statistics -           Latest 2005

7.         Socio-Economic Review               -           Adhoc latest 2002-03

8.         Statistical Abstract                      -           To be published shortly.                                                    

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