The Department of Statistics was extended to Mizo District in 1958 with the appointment of District Statistical Officer, One Inspector of Statistics, two Primary Investigators, four Field Assistants, one L.D. Assistant and one Typist. Due to outbreak of disturbances in March, 1960 the main function of the District Office was entirely suspended. At the end of 1970 the Office was under the dual charge of the Statistical Officer, Cachar, Silchar. After the inauguration of the Union Territory on 21st Jan, 1972 the Office was looked after by one Sub-Deputy Collector in addition to his normal duties. 

            On 1st March, 1973, Statistical Officer who was deputed by the Arunachal Pradesh Administration, took over charge from the Sub-Deputy Collector. Since then, the Department began to function in full swing under direct supervision of  the Development Commissioner, Mizoram, who acts as an Ex-Officio Director of Economics & Statistics, Mizoram.

      (A)       Introduction 

    Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES) is now organized as a full- fledged major department functioning as the apex body in the statistical system of the state under the administrative control of Planning & Programme Implementation Department, Government of Mizoram. 

(B)       Salient features of the Department

i)          Functioning as the apex body in the statistical system of the state, Directorate of economics & Statistics (DES) coordinates all statistical activities in the state. 

ii)         It undertakes various kinds of surveys and censuses (including nation-wide surveys and censuses) to provide basic data required by various sectors of the economy, for estimating state income and to fill the large gaps in the data essential for formulating effective plans. 

iii)        DES is mainly engaged in collecting, processing and publishing of various official statistics on a number of variables of relevance to State and Central Government for the purpose of developmental planning programmes and policies and for various other official uses and records.  

iv)        DES also maintain liaison with Central Statistical Organisation, National Sample Survey Organisation of the Central Government  and  Statistical Cell/wing in other line departments under  State Government. 

      (C)         Organizational set up 

The Directorate of Economics & Statistics  is headed by a full-fledged Director drawn from the service of ‘Mizoram Planning, Economics & Statistical Service (MPE&SS), Mizoram. He is also appointed as Addl.Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths, Mizoram. 

Under the direct supervision of the Director, the Directorate is further organized into different wings, namely :-

1.            Establishment Wing

2.      General Statistical Wing

3.       National Sample Survey Wing 

4.       Registration of Births & Deaths Wing

5.       Price & Market Intelligence wing

6.       Agriculture Census Wing

7.       Economics Census Wing

8.       State Income Wing 


This Wing is held responsible for all administrative matter within the Directorate. It deals with the service matters of all staff, accounts, transfer and posting, stationeries and indents, vehicles, office machine and equipments, furniture and furnishing, receipts and dispatch of daks and general office maintenance. Superintendent is the officer in charge of this wing. 

At present there are altogether 97 nos. of employees working in the Directorate of Economics and Statistics out of which 11 are Gazetted Officers. 

Since all subordinate Statistical Staff are placed under a common cadre, quite a number of these personnel are posted in the Statistical Cells of various departments of the State Government who are under the administrative control of the Directorate of Economics & Statistics. The present strength of these statistical personnel posted in different departments are as follows :- 

1. Inspector of Statistics           -           121

2. Sub-Inspector of Statistics    -           15

                        Total                 -           136 


This wing mainly deals with official statistics of the State by collecting, processing and analyzing various official statistics pertaining to different sectors of the economy to provide statistical materials and to build up data base needed for policy making, plan formulation, implementation and monitoring by the State Government. This wing is at present manned by a Deputy Director with other necessary officers and subordinate statistical staff. 

At the same time, this wing has been maintaining liaison with statistical cell in different department of the State Government and also with Directorate of Economics and Statistics of all other states in the country.

General Statistical Wing also organizes census and special survey at the State level from time to time as and when necessary with a views to fill up data gaps. It is now associated with regular surveys and census such as : 

a.       Employees Census

b.      Industrial Survey

c.       Farm Harvest Price Survey

d.      Building & Construction Survey 

To develop better and easy access to data and evolve a better informed society this wing has also been continuously striving to disseminate various socio-economic data by bringing out publication from time to time and also creating website. As desired by the Central Government, the wing is also looking forward to bringing out E-Publication in the near future. 

Publication brought out and held by this wing are as follow : 

            Name of Publication                                       Frequency 

1.         Statistical Handbook                             Started since 1974 and continued publishing at an interval of one year.

2.         Employees Census                               Since 1998 continued as annually

3.         Rainfall Statistics                                  Annually

4.         Block Statistics                                     Adhoc latest – 2005

5.         Hospital Statistics                                Annually

6.         Employment exchange statistics          Alternate year

7.         Socio-Economic Review                        Adhoc latest 2002-03

8.         Statistical Abstract                               to be published At an interval of one year .                                                        

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