The State Domestic Product (SDP) represent the value of goods and services produce within the geographical boundaries of the state in a particular year is one of the most important economic indicators to measure the economic growth of the state. The Per Capita Income (PCI) measures the standard of living of the people.

            The Directorate of Economics and Statistics prepares the estimates of Gross/Net State Domestic Product and Per Capita Income at current and constant prices any years as per guidelines of Central Statistical Commission (CSO) covering all sectors of the economy. Besides estimates of current year, previous year estimates are also revised on the basis of latest availability of data. 

            The estimate of Gross / Net State Domestic Product are finalized after joint discussion with the National Accounts Division of Central Statistical Organisation (CSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India. 


            Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Mizoram has been estimating State Income of Mizoram as per guidelines of Central Statistical Organisation (CSO). The estimates of SDP are prepared in terms of net value added (NVA). To ensure comparability with the national estimates as well as with other States methodology and source materials used by CSO is adopted also, to the extent possible, the results of studies and surveys which are part of national scheme for the purpose of deriving the estimates for benchmark years, conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) is utilized. 

            To begin with, estimates of Gross Value Added (GVA) are prepared at industry level. These industries are divided into three major sector viz. Primary Sector, Secondary Sector and Tertiary Sector. Again each of these sectors are divided into 13 (thirteen) sub-sectors. 

            From the estimates of gross value added (GVA) prepared at industry level, the consumption of fixed capital is deducted to arrive at the estimates of net value added (NVA) at the industry level. The Gross / Net Value Added for four supra-regional sectors viz. Railways, Communications, Banking & Insurance and Public Administration covering multi-unit establishments whose operations extend over a number of States, the annual estimates at State level are prepared by CSO and furnished to the State both at current and constant price. 

NEW SERIES / BASE YEAR            

With the gradual improvement in the availability of basic data over the years, a comprehensive review of methodology for national accounts statistics has constantly been undertaken with a view to updating the databse and shifting the base year to more recent year. In line with this practice, the CSO introduced the New Series of National Accounts Statistics with 1999-2000 as the base year, on 31st January 2006 also referred as new series. 

Choice of 1999-2000 as the Base Year

            In the past, National Accounts Statistics have mostly been revised decennially changing the base to a year synchronizing with the year of decennial Population Census. It has primarily because in the base year estimates, the information on work force has played an important role and workforce estimates were obtained from the population census conducted decennially in the year ending with 1(one). However, it was observed that the data on worker participation rate (WPR) captured by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) was better than the one estimated by the Population Census. Accordingly, the CSO used the workforce estimates based on National Sample Survey (NSS) workforce participation rates from the NSS 1993-94 (50th Round) survey results and revised the base year of national accounts to 1993-94. 

            In continuation of this practice, the new series of national accounts released on 31st January 2006 adopted 1999-2000 as the base year, as it has used the data on WPR from the NSS 55th round survey result conducted in 1999-2000.

SDP of MIZORAM (New Series) 

            The estimated Gross and Net Domestic Product (GSDP & NSDP) of Mizoram base on new series with base year 1999-2000 both at current and constant price are as follows :      



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